GuavaTel delivers telecoms infrastructure and internet solutions as a licensed (country specific) Internet Service Provider that offers affordable home and business internet solutions. GuavaTel employs dedicated and experienced personnel who have exposure in planning and implementing turnkey solutions to telecoms customer requirements.

Infrastructure Solutions

GuavaTel specializes in the delivery of turnkey fibre infrastructure solutions. We have experienced technical and operational personnel to address planning, civil and engineering requirements for fibre to the home configurations and fibre to enterprise configurations too. We take pride in working with local communities in delivering our projects. This includes local recruitment and training initiatives that ensure we transfer skills locally and also create opportunities for indirect beneficiary small and medium enterprises such as transport, hospitality and professional services.

Infrastructure Solutions Delivery Framework




Internet Solutions

Our GuavaTel internet solutions offering involves the delivery of affordable and reliable data services to home and enterprise customers across our markets. We have developed strategic and unique business models that ensure that our customers experience fast and reliable internet connectivity for their commercial use and domestic use. We bundle our data services with other internet driven services such as internet TV and IP telephony services. With the price of data forever on the rise, GuavaTel has partnered with Licensed Telecoms Infrastructure Providers to ensure long term focused pricing and delivery channels. We also assist our enterprise customers in branch to branch connectivity solutions and subsequent services such as video conferencing, telepresence and Virtual Private Networks.

Internet Solutions Delivery Framework

Home Solutions

Metro Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

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