GuavaTel delivers telecoms infrastructure and internet solutions as a licensed (country-specific) Internet Service Provider that offers affordable home and business internet solutions.

GuavaPay specializes in the development and delivery of robust payments and banking solutions.

GuavaTech specializes in software engineering and professional advisory services.

Inspired Reformation

Guava Africa is a company that offers private and public sectors with unique telecommunication, internet and payments solutions. We address the basic and complex requirements to communicate. For years, we have been among some the companies at the forefront to developing affordable solutions for the African market. Our mission is to deliver affordable telecommunications and payment solutions to African communities, governments and businesses that we serve. We believe that access to technology should be a fundamental right to every citizen and business. We have established inspiring partnerships with other global technology companies to deliver robust solutions to our communication challenges.
Guava Africa operates three strategic business units, namely GuavaPay, GuavaTel and GuavaTech. These strategic business units (SBUs) are key to the global vision of our company and its founders of delivering affordable information technology solutions to developing nations on the African continent.

Gauava Africa

Making Mobile and Corporate Bulk Payments Simple

We have developed the most efficient, affordable and disruptive technology to support financial inclusion by banking the unbanked whilst simplifying bulk payments processing for large enterprises.

Empowering Communities, Enriching Lives

We have partnered with Tier 1 Intenet Access Providers with undersea cables, VSAT global infrastructure and metro fibre networks to deliver the most affordable connectivity solutions covering FTTB, FTTH and VSAT.

Gauava Africa
Gauava Africa

Your Gateway to Seamless Technology Solutions!”

We enhance business intelligence requirements for small medium enterprises and governments that seek to improve business efficiency, lower operational risks and ultimately improve productivity.

Why Choose Us

In a world were technology is constantly being developed to address mostly first world challenges, our African markets continue to be left behind. A paradigm shift is therefore required to address the technology gap between African markets and the rest of the World. It is therefore our quest to ensure that Africa does not continue to be left behind. We have committed financial, technical and human resources to improving the livelihoods and improve the ease of doing business for our clients and the communities their service offering impacts. Partner with Africa’s fastest growing ICT disruptors.
Gauava Africa

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