Guava Foundation

Many small businesses in Africa are established under some of the most difficult circumstances and business environments. It is sad to note that many inancial institutions in Africa still do not empower small businesses and regard them as high risk investments. At the Guava Foundation we understand the hardships that come from being a start-up business. That’s why we established the Guava Community, an initiative driven by an online platform. The Guava Community is an internally funded Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme that seeks to empower young African entrepreneurs in establishing proitable and successful businesses in their respective ields. The directors and management of Guava act as business mentors and are encouraged to hold frequent stakeholder workshops in the respective markets we operate, empowering small and medium enterprises with soft skills and educating them on how to succeed in the business world. This is our own way of raising a new generation of African
business leaders.

Our Training Programmes

Cover the following topics:




And Marketing