About Us

The Guava story is an exciting and inspiring story. From a small start-up the company has grown into a reputable brand and is still growing. We are excited at the prospect of becoming one of the preferred ICT service providers on the continent. Our trust in our staff and shareholders makes Guava a unique enterprise as we aim to be a consistent deliverer of life changing technologies.
In 2015 the company was started as a fibre infrastructure contractor for one of the leading telecoms companies in South Africa. Whilst many companies were formed during this period, the founder of Guava constantly reminded staff that it was highly important that the company remains a decade ahead of its competition.
A guava tree is hardly planted in Africa. You will find it in every yard both in cities and in rural areas. As such, we envisage that Guava shall be in every home and every business, providing connectivity, payments gateways and protecting your data.
Guava will continue to discover new partnerships that grow our business and invest further in research and development programmes that give birth to our new innovations. The 4th Industrial Revolution gives meaning to the business climate of today. Almost all business operations are now fully automated, and billions of gigabytes of data are daily securely stored in the cloud and on-premise solutions. Guava is a partner for companies and governments that are inspired to deliver the next-generation digital transformation to Africa.


Our Vision

A leading tech innovator in Africa

Our Purpose

Provide affordable, reliable and efficient information technology systems to emerging markets and marginalised communities in Africa

Corporate Governance Policy

Guava Africa is committed to the highest level of corporate governance and the implementation of effective structures, policies and practices that improve corporate governance and create sustainable value for our shareholders and other stakeholders. Through the blend of specialist disciplines within the group of companies, the board provides management with support in embedding best governance principles and practices throughout the group. The shareholders and board are of the opinion that the company currently complies with all significant governance principles in King IV and that the Group complies with all significant requirements requested by our strategic partners and global stakeholders in the projects we invest and develop. We endeavour to continue improving our corporate governance practices by benchmarking against internationally accepted best practices and standards.

Board Structure

Guava Africa is a registered company in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The company complies to the respective company registrar’s requirements of the appointment of directors at the registered company office and furthermore adheres to corporate governance practices that require the appointment of an executive manager herein stated as the Managing Director and reports to the Group Chairman and Board of Director.

Board Responsibilities

The Board is the custodian of our corporate governance framework and it is responsible for ensuring that the company is operating and managed along sound corporate governance principles, by enforcing key governance and reporting policies and ensuring that the obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders are met.
The Guava Africa Board is also responsible for adopting strategic plans and through the monitoring of operational performance, provides management with effective leadership in line with the company’s ethical values whilst understanding that strategy, risk, performance and sustainability are inseparable.

Guava Pay

Board Responsibilities